Wednesday, October 12, 2005

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Spelunker uncovers 2 caves in Jiabong

Joni Abesamis Bonifacio, an adventurer who spent his life in discovering and exploring caves in the island of Samar has still a lot of caves to discover and explore. He is a nature lover and is considered as a big man behind the tourism industry in Eastern Visayas due to his adventures and caving experience.Just recently, Joni received an information from a local guide that somewhere in jiabong, a cave was unexplored yet, the locals were afraid to enter the small opening and were scared to discover what lies ahead.With the received information, joni felt excited and prepared himself; packed his caving gear, prepared his food ,and brought some cash for emergency.From his hometown , Catbalogan traveled 6 kms in a jeepney to reach Brgy. Lagundi and after 15- minute walk, he reached Brgy. Tagbayaon of Jaibong W. Samar where he got himself two local guides and started his 30-minute walk to the brgy river and found himself in the small opening of the Panaghoyan, a cave with a river.Joni narrated that he and his companion swam in some of the cave's watery portion and they have to dock and crawl for 1 kilometer to reach the exit for the tunnel-like caves as estimated measured 3 meters in width and 3-4 meters in height.Joni was strucked with awe as he describes the “paradise gallery “with pristine stalactites and stalagmites.”Those" (stalactites and stalagmites) he stressed” are for your eyes only; you don't want to tarnish a thing that takes hundreds and even million of years to form."After three hours of docking and crawling, the trio reached the exit and there they found another cave, the Lobo cave, which according to the locals, they were only up to its mouth to hunt for birds' nest. The natives did not dare to go any further for fear that the water level may quickly rise and drown them.But joni took the 100-meter swim challenge (inside the cave) and was grateful when they saw the dry chamber. Compared to panaghoy, Lobo cave was bigger in size as it measured 10 meters in width and 15-20 meters in height.Aside from its vast inside, the cave has a swimming pool, tunnels and a 30-meter vertical area. They explore the cave for 4 hours and found two exits.The young spelunker regrettably told this writer that he was not to climb the 30-meter area for his rope fall short and he will need the support of the local government of jiabong to sponsor his next caving exploration in the place."Anyway, if the cave will be included in the inventory it will attract local and foreign tourist alike. It can also boost the tourism industry of the place" " kinahanglan ko na hin bulig ngan suporta kay bangin ako ma-stock didto sakob hit cave maipit ako ngan mamatay, waray may masabot " he pointed out.The reason why he tried to explore the unexplored of nature it's because he wanted to help Samar Island promotes its Samar; one island one people .one culture.Eastern Visayas has a lot to offer especially Samar Island and according to him, if you need his service as your tour guide, you can contact his mobile 09192943865.

Behind the secrets of tahong

Jiabong Samar is known in Region 8 to be the number one producer of tahong. But aside from its richness of seafarm products, beneath the mountains of Brgy. Tagbayaon of this municipality lies a paradise that has not been known before until it was unfolded by the local explorer, Joni Bonifacio and company. A nature lover has shifted their senses to this municipality with eagerness to explore behind the scenery of nature.Jiabong may now be a known place for tourist attraction after the famous Cave man explorer in Eastern Visayas Joni Bonifacio trailed the trek down to the "Lobo" and "Panaghuyan" Cave. With the support from the Municipality of Jiabong and Hexa Media Productions "Reporters Mission’s" staff thru Marlon A. Taño VP-Advertising, Edwin Torres VP-Operations, and Lady Camelot program host respectively helped the inventory and documentation of "Lobo" and "Panaghoyan" Cave would now be a part of Samar Island Natural Park.The municipality of Jiabong is a coastal municipality some ninety (90) kilometers west from the heart of Tacloban. The two caves could be found at Barangay Tagbayaon, ten minutes ride from Catbalogan Western Samar.Thru the efforts of the LGU, headed by Vice Mayor Armingol Cabubas Jr. SB members Placida Jabien, Luisito Jabonero, Meldrito Jaboli, Oscar Abonales, Pepito Labendia SB Sec. Ruby Abunales and the Mayors representative her private Sec. Lilia Cardoso, SB Staff Nestor Bacarra together with Tagbayaon elementary school teachers Nelma Marquezes and Lilia Gabin, with the help of the famous cave explorer Joni Bonifacio with his TREXPLORE volunteers Sherwin Orbeta, Tet-tet Ducabo, Aaron Garcia and the local guides from Brgy. Tagbayaon Wilson Labrague, Joel Jabon and Aurelio Jabon were the first names that has been engraved in the history of Jiabong Visit to the Caves last October 4, 2005.


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